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Our Story

I have always loved animals but felt I didn't  have the time or discipline to really care for one, until I met Simba.  Fate brought us together, and  it definitely was love at first sight.  In a short time he changed my perception about animals' capacities, and their  true purpose. I couldn't believe how smart he was, and how without even saying a word, he could get any message across.

"I  am a ceramist and animal lover.  

By combining the two, and giving all profits to animal charities, I'm able to help animals in need."  - Carol Sredni

I took him everywhere, so as soon as he would see me pick up my car keys, he would jump in his bag and off we'd go. He was so cute and sweet that he made friends wherever we went, and always made people smile.

Simba has left me now, and I miss him dearly.  In his 12 short years he taught me so much. We feed and take care of our pets physical needs, but surely they are the ones that give to us. They balance our energy, and transform our negativity and stress into love.

After Simba passed, I felt the need to honor him in some way. I approached his amazing vets and offered to make a donation in his name, but they graciously declined. They didn't know where to place the money and make sure it was used wisely.

Since I am a ceramist, I decided to make and sell beautiful urns and memorials, and give all after-tax profits to animal charities. In this way, people can honor their deceased pets by helping other animals in need. Their loving energy keeps flowing, and our beloved pets transform from being our living hugs to our Eternal Hugs​.

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